Time to Celebrate: Recognition and Thanks

Birthday CakeI have always loved this time of year; maybe because it’s the month I celebrate my birthday, or maybe because it’s the start of a new school term and the month is filled with hope and new beginnings.

I love seeing the tractors in the fields as harvest time approaches, and seeing the landscape around us start to change with fabulous colours and conkers on the floor. There really is so much to celebrate.

Last week I celebrated a big birthday, and enjoyed making lots of new memories. Celebrating my birthday helped me to recognise my personal achievements and also give thanks for all the wonderful relationships I have in my life.

Holistic Therapist Magazine

September has also brought some exciting news as I found out I have been shortlisted for the Holistic Therapist Business Awards – Best Practitioner 2017. The winner will be announced on 1 October in London. I am honoured to have been nominated and shortlisted for such a wonderful award, and wish all the other practitioners every success. I will let you know the outcome after the announcement x

With so much hope at the start of this month it highlighted to me the importance of making time to celebrate. We all lead such busy and fast-paced lives, and don’t always take the time out to stop and reflect on our achievements, or simply give thanks for what’s around us.

Giving thanks and celebrating can lift our mood, make us feel thankful for what we have, make us feel more fulfilled, and give us a sense of belonging. I know after celebrating my birthday with friends and family, I have certainly felt a sense of togetherness with all the people I love.

So this month, why not give your well-being a boost and make time to celebrate.

Give yourself a pat on the back for an achievement at work, celebrate the beautiful landscape around us or plan a special meal with loved ones to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. Give it a go. and see how great it can make you feel.


Kelly x