Why it’s Important to Display Your Prices

Coins and a clockMany complementary healthcare practitioners feel awkward about displaying their prices on their website or social media accounts.

Please don’t be afraid to do this; be proud of what you offer, and value your time.

Here are three scenarios many practitioners worry about:

1. ‘I’m scared of my local competitors finding out what I charge’

Don’t focus on competitors, focus on you and your business.  Even if your prices are not displayed, competitors would be able to discover the details fairly easily.  Display your prices clearly and with pride – your clients will be thankful for the easy-to-access information.

2. ‘If I display my prices, it may put off potential clients’

Displaying your prices makes it easy for potential clients to access the information.  If they like what they see, price will not be the deciding factor as to whether they book an appointment.  Your training, reputation and quality of service will be most valuable to the vast majority of clients.  Remember, you want to attract good quality and loyal customers, not ones who are after a ‘bargain’.

3. ‘I don’t need to display my prices, as clients will email me to ask’

Think about the most popular times potential clients browse the web.  Most will do this after your normal working hours, when they have put children to bed, been to a yoga class, or returned home from a meeting etc.  If they visit your website and cannot find the price information, will they email you, or will they move to your competitors’ websites?  If they do email you, the likelihood is that you have logged off for the day, leaving them waiting for the information.

Remember, make it EASY for new clients to find your prices, and capture their attention BEFORE they consider going elsewhere.

Don’t make them jump through hoops, be clear and informative.

Be proud of your business, your clients understand you need to make a living.

Value yourself and your time – display your prices with pride.

Kelly x

2 thoughts on “Why it’s Important to Display Your Prices

  1. Cavell Browning Reply

    I totally agree with your tips Kelly! We should value ourselves and our time, all of us have put in time and effort to become professional therapists. I remember when I first qualified, charging for my services, it was scary! Clients really do appreciate knowing information up front, including pricing. It’s also very rewarding when you have positive comments/reviews too.

    • Kelly Hainsworth Post authorReply

      Thank you Cavell for your comment, I agree it is so important to value our qualifications, knowledge and time.

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