Support for Your Therapy Business

Are you feeling stuck in your business and have an empty appointment diary?

Would you like to get your business noticed and need help with your marketing?

Are you feeling low in confidence and need a boost?

Are you just about to qualify and don’t know where to begin?

It can be challenging working it out alone whether you are just about to create a therapy business or have been established a while – but I am here to support you with the steps you need to take to succeed and create the therapy business you want.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable mentor by your side can provide the injection of energy your business needs and help you to implement changes quicker to help you reach your goals.

I launched my business in 2008 during the recession and I understand what it takes to run a successful therapy business, having built a loyal client base with appointments being filled several months in advance. I have created a business which creates a great work/life balance with clients who truly value and love my approach.

I understand the challenges you face and I will share what has worked and not worked with you – I want you to succeed!

You may be in the process of setting up your therapy business, feeling stuck, low in confidence or ready to grow your client base; whatever stage your business is at, my 1:1 support will provide you with the guidance you need.

How Can Business Mentoring Help?

Kelly Hainsworth

As a Business Mentor I am here to support you and your business with your goals, struggles, frustrations and hopes. I am here to listen, to help you move forward, provide a fresh perspective, suggest ideas and help to keep you focussed.

As a reflexologist running a successful business and founder of Love Reflexology, I understand the challenges your business faces, and I can support you with a range of business topics. I understand working alone may mean you become demotivated or disheartened; as your mentor I’m here to listen, to support you and help you stay on track.

We will work together to help you achieve the best results for your business.

My mentoring may help to:

  • Produce a business plan – including establishing your target client.
  • Set realistic goals for your business and create effective action plans.
  • Set pricing for your business.
  • Create your treatment room – working through everything you need to create the right environment for your clients.
  • Grow your client base.
  • Create a cancellation policy.
  • Set boundaries and implement them.
  • Marketing ideas to attract clients and grow your business.
  • Provide social media technical advice – my specialism is Instagram.
  • Provide support using Canva – I can share my screen to work on projects together, such as creating a gift voucher.
  • Solve problems and eliminate obstacles.
  • Overcome fear, self-doubt, low confidence and procrastination.
  • Gain a fresh perspective, receive feedback and new ideas.
  • Stay on track with your business plans and true to your aims.

Mentoring Packages

One Month 1:1 Mentoring Package

Investment in You and Your Business: £299.00

This package includes:

  • A questionnaire will be sent to you to complete ahead of our first Zoom meeting to identify your goals and the challenges you may face. This helps me get to know you and to clarify what we will work on, so that we can get right down to the details once we start working together;
  • I will conduct research on your business ahead of the meeting to inform our discussions and get the best out of the time together;
  • Two one-hour Zoom meetings – to discuss your goals, challenges you are facing, support with projects you are working on and planning for future work. Each session is completely tailored to you, your goals, and your needs at that time. We will discuss action steps by the end of the meeting, so you know what to do next;
  • Following each Zoom meeting, I will email a summary of our mentoring session with agreed action points. You may also be sent worksheets/resources produced by me to support you with your action points;
  • Email support for the month – this provides an opportunity for continued support  and advice when you are working on your action points. Previous mentor clients have shared they really value this, as it helps them to feel accountable and provides moral support if they are feeling low on confidence;
  • A safe and confidential space to share your concerns, thoughts and dreams. I am here to listen, to support you and help you grow in confidence.
  • Guidance from someone who just gets it!

To book this package please e-mail me and I will be in touch will dates and further details.

If you would like to work together for a long period of time, I do take a limited number of clients each year. Please e-mail me for more information.

1:1 Mentoring Power Hour

Investment in You and Your Business: £99.00

This option is ideal if you have a specific business challenge and project that you would like to work on quickly.

The 1:1 Mentoring Power Hour includes:

  • You will receive a questionnaire ahead of the Power Hour to establish your goals for the session;
  • A one-hour Zoom session to work on your goals, develop plans, ask questions and feel clearer in your next steps;
  • Email summary of the time together.


To book your mentoring package please e-mail me stating which option you would like to choose and I will be in touch will dates and further details.

If you have any questions before making your decision, please contact me in confidence to discuss the support you need.


Payment for all mentoring packages is required before the first virtual meeting takes place.  If you decide you would like to go ahead an invoice will be sent to you with full details of how to make payment, along with a variety of dates and times to choose from for your sessions.

Cancellation Policy

If your circumstances change and you need to rearrange or cancel your booking this must be done by emailing me at least one week before the scheduled date. This will allow me the opportunity to offer the date to another therapist on my cancellation list.

Failure to provide sufficient notice of the cancellation of your booking will result in a fee being charged.

Monthly Package

If you book the monthly package and receive the month-long email support, please note this support is available within the working week Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm only. It does not include weekend support via email, messages on social media platforms or text.

My Clients’ Reviews

If you are wanting help with setting up business then Kelly is your woman. Always there for questions and quick to respond, being there via email and on Zoom. As this was my first time starting up as a business-owner I needed a mentor who knew what it was like to set up as a therapist for the first time. Kelly helped with so much, from how I want to work, my goals, challenges, including the business admin and marketing advice. The Zoom sessions were a great chance to ask any questions and I was given action points to research and set up. I now feel I can go forward confidently and now have all the right information. You really helped boost my confidence Kelly thank you. I now know that I can do this and I truly feel you are the perfect mentor for someone new to this area of work. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues.”
Sharon Hutchinson founder of Good for the Sole.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! Since my mentoring session in November I have cut my hours down to 10-4, am being strict on my working days and I am fully booked most days.  My earnings have doubled and my fertility work has gone through the roof.  It’s fabulous!!  Talking to you really made me realise how much I hated working after 5 o’clock and that I needed to please me more, and not my clients!  It ate into my dog walking time and not being able to cook a proper family meal.  You also gave me the confidence to put my prices up.  It’s the hardest thing being self employed and not having a manager to bounce ideas with, and whilst I know you are not my manager, it was so helpful to bounce ideas around with someone who truly understands the business and not just my hubby!!  You are so easy to talk to!  I can’t wait for our next mentoring session in November this year.” Rachel Hill founder of Rachel Hill Reflexology.

“I had a 1-1 power hour business mentoring session with Kelly.  I was amazed at the amount of knowledge Kelly has and her generosity in sharing that knowledge. I found her guidance invaluable, and I left the session feeling more positive about the way forward.  Highly recommended!” Brenda Barnett founder of Relax & Revive Reflexology.

“Thank you so much Kelly, a beautiful boost for me and some great leads and action points to work on in order to establish my new business. I feel more motivated to achieve all the action points we discussed together with your support! It was an absolute pleasure having you as my mentor and I look forward to touching base again in the future.” Sheetal Valand (Sayta Soul Reflexology & Wellbeing).

“As a person who has been self employed for a while you never consider that you need help!

But then when you start to feel overwhelmed I certainly felt like I needed somebody who was in the same industry as me and understood our world.

I booked my hour with Kelly and what an amazing 60 minutes…definitely a Power Hour!

Kelly has helped me to realise that all is not lost and that my business is good, just needing support in the marketing and social media aspects.

Kelly is a lovely lady who shares her knowledge and experience so generously…really felt inspired and re-energised after our Power Hour and would have no hesitation in booking another hour when I’m trying to work ideas through in the future…heartfelt thank you xx.” Fiona Jones founder of Revive Therapies.

“My journey with Kelly started quite a few months ago. Her gentle approach, active listening and guidance has empowered me, in such a way that I am surprised and delighted with my own creativity and capabilities, to take my therapies and business forward on an exciting new path. Thank you Kelly for believing in me.” Business Mentor Client.

“I feel like I have known Kelly for a while through her wonderful Love Reflexology Facebook page. I decided to invest in my business by doing Kelly’s mentoring sessions and Instagram training during lockdown. Money incredibly well spent.

Kelly is a fountain of knowledge and is incredibly well organised. After each session she would send out action notes which were very helpful.

The Instagram training has been invaluable. I have been trying to understand it for ages. Kelly explains it all so clearly and methodically and follows it up with very useful notes that I can keep referring to.

I feel so much more confident moving forward.

Thank you Kelly x.” Pippa Arnott founder of Tree of Life Reflexology.

“I can’t thank Kelly enough for her help with focusing my business. I had lots of ideas floating around my head and Kelly helped me to turn these into action points so that within a short space of time I had achieved many of my goals. I would definitely recommend Kelly to anyone wanting to have some constructive support in growing their therapy business. She is friendly, supportive and very knowledgeable and just what I needed. Thank you Kelly!” Katherine Calder founder of Vibrance Reflexology.

“Huge thanks to Kelly for all the help and support she has given me through my mentoring sessions.  I was feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed with social media and the challenges of starting out as a reflexologist in these uncertain times.  

Kelly really helped me focus on the areas I feel most passionate about and gave me so much more confidence about using social media and really helped me look at my website and how I could improve that.  

My action plan was so clear and personalised to my needs. Thank you so much Kelly!” Aileen Stirling founder of Sole Connection Reflexology.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my mentorship experience with Kelly. She gave me hints and tips to help me improve my business on so many levels and I have enjoyed implementing them. 

Kelly is down to earth and very knowledgeable about the industry and business side. I have found her help to be invaluable and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” Kathryn Morrow founder of Relax, Restore & Rebalance.

“Kelly, I truly can’t thank-you enough! I needed a little nudge in the right direction for my new business to move forward. I decided during lockdown that it was the perfect opportunity to seek some support and invest in putting some plans into action in order to develop further.

Kelly has given me some invaluable insights into the business world and social media, along with tailor-made training specifically for my needs.

I now feel more confident, enthusiastic, refreshed, back on track and raring to go. Working with Kelly has given me a new set of eyes, new vision and new energy.

Already my business has had a huge transformation. I look forward to it growing from strength to strength.

I 100% highly recommend Kelly for her professional advice and support alongside her genuine heart and kindness.

Kelly, thank-you! ” Rhonda Robinson founder of Healing Soles Reflexology.

“I decided I owed it myself to have a business session with Kelly to clarify my objectives and move forward in my reflexology business. Kelly is an incredibly warm, committed, genuine person with a great passion for what she does. She spent time researching my business and my aims and then after our very useful Skype call I received a detailed follow up with action points and recommendations in writing. I have already put several of these in place and noticed immediate benefits including new clientele. I would 100% recommend Kelly for business support. Sometimes, we all need a nudge in the right direction! Thank you Kelly!” Lesley Cameron founder of Tip2Toe Health

“Thank you Kelly for your professional advice and suggestions which is really supporting my business development. I can highly recommend Kelly who listens carefully to my ideas, helping me to put plans into action. She takes time to explain when I am unsure about things which is really helping me to learn too. It is great working with Kelly who understands the therapy side of the business as well as social media and marketing – she provides an ideal professional combination.” Lorraine Senior founder of Functional Reflex Therapy 

“I had been thinking about changing my business name for some time and wanted to ensure I got the right advice and I approached Kelly who worked with me as my mentor for the month.

Kelly’s advice and support were invaluable and I was grateful to have her virtual presence by my side.

I highly recommended Kelly for her expertise and support.” Karen Jones founder of Karen Jones Reflexology  Business Mentoring Client.

“I am so glad I decided to sign up for your business mentoring course.  It’s given me a new-found confidence in myself, which I am very grateful for.  I felt my business was taking a bit of a stand still lately and I was stuck in a rut.  With Kelly’s help and patience, we worked together, and I feel a new enthusiasm for my business and look forward to my business growing from strength to strength.  Thanks again Kelly.” Rachel Cheyne founder of Reflexology by Rachel. Business Mentoring Client.

You can also read clients’ reviews on my Facebook page.


Questionnaires, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and videos issued during the Business Mentoring and Instagram Training sessions (including 1:1 and group workshops) are owned and copyrighted by Kelly Hainsworth. They must not be reproduced or shared with any third party without prior consent. Full details about copyright can be viewed within the terms and conditions.

Confidentiality and Data

During my work with Business Mentor and Instagram Training clients, they will discuss their goals, business challenges, aims and objectives. This information is confidential and is not shared with any other party. Our work together is a confidential partnership to achieve the best for your business.

Please be aware that if you email any information about your business to me, I will only hold and use this if we proceed to work together, at which time I will require explicit consent from you to hold this data. If we do not proceed to work together I will erase this information.

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions about working with Kelly can be found here. Please read this information before booking a 1:1 or group workshop with Kelly.