Social Media for Introverts: How to Show You

When working with my mentoring and Instagram training clients, many therapists experience a block about posting on social media for their business due to their personality type.

For many therapists who are introverts, posting a picture of themselves on Instagram or Facebook, let alone even thinking about doing a video, fills them with dread. These feelings prevent them from using the platforms to grow their business online and connecting with their clients.

They become stuck.

They become overwhelmed and frustrated.

They begin to compare themselves to other therapists and imposter syndrome kicks in.

Can you connect with these feelings?

Are you nodding?

I connect with them – and I know lots of you reading this will be surprised.

When I first qualified as a reflexologist, I would not even put a picture of myself on my website, even though my reflexology tutor advised me to.

I felt too shy, I have always liked to hide in the background, and support people in a quieter way.

However, after a huge amount of courage, and lots of photography by my husband, I did it.

Once it went live, I felt incredibly nervous, but when I did and I started to show more of me – the person my clients would visit for a treatment, the person behind the KH logo, something amazing started to happen… I started to get more bookings and enquiries.

Showing me was great for my business, helped me to grow my client base and grow in confidence.

The service we provide is incredibly personnel, our clients share a great deal of their private lives with us, and they want to see the person who they are going to trust.

Posting on my website was one thing, I then had to develop ways of showing me on my social media pages. As a 40-something lady, I hadn’t grown up with sharing in such a public way, this was very new to me!

I developed ways to post, but in a way that I was comfortable with, a way which reflected my personality but allowed my clients and potential clients to see me, and grow my reflexology business.

If you are an introvert and the thought of showing yourself online fills you with horror (just like it did for me), you may find my ideas helpful to grow your confidence and your business.

Ideas for Posting Your Image

If you don’t feel comfortable posting your image – these ideas can help:

  • Show Your Hands – If you are not ready to show your face (yet) you could start by showing your hands in the image, for example holding a book or some flowers. Just adding your hands, adds a human touch to the image;
Jug of roses
  • Use Stories – A great way to share your image to your audience (and one I love), is on Instagram or Facebook Stories. Using Stories is a great way of connecting with your followers, but also growing your confidence. You can even play around with the different filters and have some fun… it does not need to be serious, as Stories allow us to express our personalities and can be more informal;
  • Use Different Angles – Take photographs from different angles, so the focus is not on your face. For example, carrying out a reflexology treatment with a client or family member, or working at your desk on an admin day;
  • Create Distance – Take photographs from a distance – this is great if you can get family members signed up to help you;
  • Use Black and White Photography – I have always preferred this, and if I feel lower in confidence, using black and white photography allows me to be seen, but in a gentler way;
  • Hire a Professional Photographer – Hiring a photographer to take professional photographs can be an amazing boost to your confidence. There are photographers who specialise in working with clients who may be low in confidence or who are introverts. They will have lots of ideas of how to capture your personality and style in a way that you are comfortable with;
  • Try Video – If you want to try video for the first time, but feel too shy to show ‘you’ as the focus, you can talk behind the camera – one idea could be giving a tour of your treatment room with you explaining things to your followers. Have a play and see what you feel confident doing and what results it may bring;
  • Check the Data – Remember – after you have posted your image or video, always look back at the data – did the post receive more engagement (likes, comments, shares)? Did you book a treatment or did someone sign-up to your newsletter? Always assess what impact it has had. Also, check in with how you feel!

When Should You Show Your Image?

If you are solopreneur and work alone, it is important to show your image on your account. You are the brand, and people want to see who they are booking an appointment with. This is important if your profile image on Instagram and Facebook uses a logo.

  • Try to show your image – either your face or for example your hands to make it more human, at least every sixth post. Think about your Instagram grid, it tends to appear in a block of six images, so if you have not posted you – you will not be visible for people to connect with.

Why Should I Post Me?

Are you still not sure about posting your image… this may convince you:

  • People engage more with photographs of people, so are more likely to take note of your posts and what you have to say.  Research shows that “photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments. (1)
  • It is an old saying, but people buy from people – think about the pages you love to connect with;
  • It helps to build trust in your business;
  • It will help you to grow your business and your confidence as a business owner.

Final Tips

If you have a confidence wobble, or that block about posting ‘you’ on social media begins to reappear:

  • Remember no-one else knows you are feeling this way – so why not go for it;
  • Lots of reflexologists and small business owners feel exactly the same – including me!
  • The more you post ‘you’ on social media, the easier it becomes, and your confidence will grow – especially when you start to get better connections, treatment bookings, voucher sales etc.
  • It will help you and your business grow;
  • Your clients want to see YOU – because you are amazing!

If you haven’t posted your image on social media before, have a go, experiment and why not tag me in on Facebook or Instagram, so I can follow your journey?

Have fun,

Kelly x


If you have found these tips helpful, and would like to say thank you, you can treat me to a coffee, if you would like to.


(1) Bakhshi, Shamma and Gilbert 2014,

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  1. Tina Walsh Reply

    Kelly great advice and titbits…I am going to open my own cabin out back Sept and these are great ideas you just posted…thank you Tina

    • Kelly Hainsworth Post authorReply

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, I am so happy you have enjoyed the tips. Good luck opening your cabin in September. Kelly x

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