Tips to Declutter Your Digital World to Create Calm

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Spring is in the air and it presents the ideal opportunity to not only spring clean our homes, but also our digital world.

Now that so much of our lives are online either for work, connecting with friends and family, and/or shopping, it is easy for this area of our lives to cause stress, and create feelings of overwhelm.

To boost your well-being schedule time to have a digital declutter every few months.

I do this throughout the year and it helps to save time (my life minutes), and restore my feeling of calm.

Here are my top tips for you to try:

(1) Unsubscribe from Email Lists You No Longer Read

How many times have you signed-up to a newsletter to receive a special offer code or because you made a purchase with them, but then spend many months later, even years just deleting the emails from your inbox each month?

How many minutes/hours could that have wasted, that you could use to do something you really love?

Each time an email arrives and you do not read it and have no interest in the content any longer, hit that unsubscribe button!.

It is time consuming to begin with, but once you have unsubscribed from the email lists you no longer want to hear from, it will save you so much time and your inbox will be more manageable.

(2) Organise Your Emails

To help you from feeling overwhelmed with a full inbox and experiencing the difficulty of trying to find an important email, spend some time going through your emails and storing important ones into folders and deleting others you no longer need.

Once you have done this remember to empty your email bin to free up storage.

Just imagine how calm you will feel when your inbox is nice and tidy!

(3) Unfollow Accounts on Social Media

If you have noticed that certain social media accounts make you feel anxious, sad, worried, or create feelings of imposter syndrome, spend time unfollowing them to help your well-being.

As well as social media accounts, apply this rule to Facebook groups too, and leave ones that cause you to worry or create feelings of stress.

Your social media feed should not make you feel worried, and should instead help you to stay connected to loved ones, educate, or inspire you.

Another tip, is to unfollow accounts that you notice are no longer active to really spring clean your account. I did this a few weeks ago on Instagram and it felt so good!

(4) Turn off Notifications

If you have noticed that notifications from certain apps constantly distract you and cause you moments of stress or overwhelm, spend time turning off the notifications for the apps you no longer need.

You can then decide when to visit them at a time which is great for you, rather than experiencing the constant lighting up of your phone.

When I did this, I gained so much time in my day and I could focus better on my work or my loved ones, without the constant request for my attention.

(5) Declutter Your Apps

When you have ten minutes with your phone, review the apps that you have downloaded and review those you no longer use. If you have some that you do not open, delete them from your device. This will help to free up storage and limit any notifications you have turned on.

(6) Create a Calm Desktop

Save time and create calm by organising your desktop on your laptop or Mac. Delete old files, organise others into named folders and if required use the cloud for storage of files you access occasionally.

Imagine how great you will feel when you log on and everything is tidy and easy to find!

Bonus Tip – Take a Digital Detox

As well as taking time to declutter your digital world regularly to support your well-being, make sure you also schedule time to take a break from the online world. This will allow you to be more present, recharge and connect with both yourself and your loved ones better.

And if you are visiting the treatment room for a reflexology appointment, allow yourself to fully unwind by putting your phone on silent, so that you are not disturbed.

By trying the steps above and taking a regular digital detox, it will help you to be more productive, organised, and create a calmer you, as you will be in control of your digital world.

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