Valentine’s Day: Self-love in 5 Easy Steps

Daisies in the shape of a heartThis Valentine’s Day, don’t worry if you don’t receive a card or box of chocolates; the best gift you can give to yourself is self-love.

So, love yourself by having a go at one or all of my five top tips:

1) Spend 30 minutes every day doing something just for you. It’s not selfish, it helps us to recharge our batteries and clear our mind;

2) Eat the rainbow – eat a colourful selection of foods every day to get a mixture of vitamins, minerals and to boost your microbiome;

3) Sleep well – make sure you create a tranquil environment in your bedroom.  Remove all tech devices, put up blackout blinds or curtains, and have your room at 18℃ – this is the ideal temperature for sleeping;

4) Move more – adding more movement to your daily routine helps boost circulation and mood.  Add a walk outdoors during your lunch break, as being out in nature also helps to reduce stress and anxiety;

5) Choose natural – spend time looking at your cosmetics and their ingredients.  Many popular products are loaded with chemicals including parabens and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS).  Choose one item and swap it for a natural alternative – your body will thank you for it.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and remember to love yourself.

Kelly x

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