Bereavement: How Reflexology Helped Me

Reflexology came to me at the end of 2006 following the death of my youngest brother. At that time I had not experienced reflexology before and knew very little about how it worked.

It was a few months since my brother had passed away and I still suffered with poor quality sleep whilst learning how to deal with all the emotions I felt. A close friend suggested I give reflexology a try, I was so tired – ‘I will give anything a go’ I thought to myself.

So I did, I made a booking, but really did not know what to expect. I remember feeling nervous going to my first appointment, but was soon put at ease. I felt immediately safe, relaxed and secure. The chair felt as though it was giving me a huge hug, which was gratefully received at that time.

As the treatment began, I remember closing my eyes, it felt wonderful. I could feel tension in my body almost slipping away. I did feel emotional, but it was a great release and I felt so peaceful when I was driving home after the appointment.

That night, I went to bed feeling calm and relaxed and seven hours later woke. Wow, I’d had my first full night’s rest for months. I couldn’t believe it.

Following that day, reflexology has never left my life. It supported me tremendously during the challenging journey of grief.  A journey which brought many twists and turns, but reflexology allowed me the space and time to heal and to know what I was feeling was completely normal.

It then gave me a focus, and I trained as a practitioner so I could go on and help and support other people. I wanted to help people just how I had been helped. Once I qualified, I dedicated my course and my qualification to my brother John; I knew he would have been proud of what I had achieved, and he was my driving force to go on and start my business.

My brother

Since qualifying and creating my reflexology business and supporting my clients,  I am constantly reminded of how beautiful reflexology is, and how it can give clients the time and space to simply be themselves during the journey of grief.

I feel proud that I can support my clients with reflexology, just as I was supported at that time.

Kelly x

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